The foster care process

Your foster care journey

The process to become a foster carer usually takes six to nine months. We’re here to help you through every step of the process.


Call or register your interest online. Friendly staff will contact you to talk about whether foster caring is right for you.

Information pack

You can choose to officially register your interest in becoming a foster care parent. We’ll post or email you an information pack to read.

Information session

If you wish to proceed, we’ll invite you to attend an information session in your local area if available. This session will provide more information on how fostering might work for you and your family. If there is not an information session near you, we’ll assist with any questions or provide any information you may need in making the decision to foster a child.

Carer application

We’ll help you complete our ‘Application for Approval’ form and apply for a blue card (if applicable) and any screening checks that you will need before becoming a carer.

We undertake comprehensive checks to ensure fostering is a suitable option for you. We’ll meet with you and your family and look at your health, home, background and personal references.
Initial training

You’ll complete our initial carer training, along with all adult members of your household.


If your application is approved, we’ll provide information about the type of care and the children you’re authorised to provide care for. You’ll be asked to sign formal documentation, agreeing to abide by our policies, procedures and guidelines.

Not everyone is approved to be a carer, sometimes it isn’t the right time or circumstances but you may be eligible in the future and you can always choose to appeal the decision.


As an approved Foundations Care foster carer, you’ll be assigned a caseworker. Your caseworker will help match a child or young person with your family and the type of care you can provide. You’ll receive information about the child, reasons for their placement, how long the placement is expected to last, and any contact arrangements for family and professionals.

Ongoing support

You’ll receive ongoing support from your caseworker and the organisation throughout your entire care journey. This starts with the support you receive during the transition to ensure you, your family and the child or children entering your care are comfortable. Your caseworker will also conduct regular house visits to support stability in the placement and is available 24/7 should support be required.

Ongoing training

We’ll provide ongoing education and training to help you look after the person in your care, and provide strategies and solutions to deal with challenges that may arise.

Start your foster care journey today

Our foster carers are everyday people like you. And with the support of our experienced team, you too can make a positive difference in a child or young person’s life.

Now’s the right time.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about becoming a foster carer for some time. Now is the time to act and make a real difference to the life of a child.

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What happens next?

1. One of our friendly staff will call you.
2. We’ll answer your questions and guide you through the applications process. Easy!
3. Friendly and jargon-free communications at all times.

Becoming a foster carer will be one the biggest achievements in your life, and make an amazing difference to the life of a child.